Hi-Tech Electronics Service Center


 The Hi Tech Electronic Service Center is providing full service, repair and maintenance for all kinds of consumer and Professional electronic equipment, to our valued clients. Located on 47 canal street (between Orchard st & Ludlow st) In Downtown Manhattan by the China Town area.

 We are in this business since 1983 and have a team of highly qualified electronic technicians and service engineers to handle the latest electronic equipment and computing systems.

 During all these years we have served a big number of customers and we are proud to say that they are now our very satisfied clients. Since we believe in quality service and customer satisfaction, we would like to become your Service Center . 

 Currently we are authorized to service products for Sony, Panasonic, Pioneer, Mitsubishi, Canon, Teac, Marantz and Harman Kardon. We also provide extended warranty services from IDS and Warrantech Inc.

  Hi-Tech Electronics is an affordable solution for all computer and electronic technicians and hobbyists. we cover many service topics, including video cameras, plasma TVs, LCD TVs, projectors, amps, notebook computers, cameras, DV decks, broadcast equipment, monitors, satellite systems, VCRs, professional audio, and many more.. New Hi-Tech has been providing quality services to the electronics service industry since 1983.

Why You Should choose Hi-Tech for servicing your electronic equipment:
  • Hi-Tech has more than 25 years of experience working with all kinds of electronics.  
  • Our qualified service engineers work down to component level on all kinds of electronic  boards saving you time and money, since most assembled  boards are either  discontinued or exceed the reasonable price for a repair.
  • Hi-Tech is equipped  with the latest state-of-the-art measurement and diagnostics tools which are  helping us to determine and repair problems on very complex, highly populated, modern electronics boards.
  • We have a fully  proprietary BGA Integrated Circuit Package replacement technology  which is tested to have Factory-grade reliability.  Standing out of the competition, Hi-Tech is one of the very few repair companies which can replace BGA-ICs up to 35x35mm in size on boards up to 300x500mm in size.
  • Each unit will be calibrated and adjusted according to factory specifications after repair.
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