Professional Audio/Video Repairs

Hi-Tech Electronics Service Center Repairs
ALL BRANDS and MODELS of professional broadcasting equipment 
and consumer-grade camcorders

  • We have a team of highly skilled and experienced Technicians who work flawlessly and efficiently in identifying the problem and repairing it, saving our time and your money.
  • We carry most major-brand parts in stock at all times to provide a fast repair service.
  • We calibrate each unit according to factory specifications after a repair so you don't have to worry that your freshly fixed DV Deck or camera will refuse to play certain tapes.
  • We  have the most reasonable prices in the professional electronics repair industry.
  • Each repair is backed by our company's 90-days parts and 30 days workmanship warranty.

Please note :

Some Tape-Based Cameras and DV-decks we receive stop working due to a tape mechanism misalignment, usually few last tapes which were recorded on a device with  mechanism misalignment were recorded incorrectly, which means they will not play back after repair since we align all mechanisms according to factory specification - if you have a problem playing back your old tape please ask for our DV TAPE RECOVERY SERVICE and we will be happy to make an aligned copy of your tape for you, which will play back on all units.