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Audio/Video & Home Theater Repairs

From Affordable to High-End 

We are familiar with all audio equipment. From the golden age of  tubes in the 50's and 60's, through the classic big receiver, big amp days of the 70's, leading up to today's digital era and tube revival. When we started, Metal position tapes and Dolby NR were all the rage. Ipods could only be imagined in sci-fi movies back then. Throughout time, audio has evolved. So have our repair techniques. We certainly know about audio.

Affordable, Mid-Range, Vintage and High-End Audio Repaired and Restored. We repair all makes and models of audio  equipment, consumer and professional, solid state and tube, digital and analog, Vintage, Modern and Future. Amplifiers, Home Theaters, Pre-Amps, Tape Decks.  If it doesn't sound... we'll make it sound again.


Prompt service. We've spend much time and effort in the set-up of our shop to provide prompt and professional service for the consumer in need of repair, upgrade or modification of audio equipment. Experience. Whether it's a burned amplifier, a tape deck with a bad belt or a CD player with a bad laser pickup, we know what we're doing. Thousands of parts in stock. A record proven through time. And finally, Alignment, general service and a 90 Day Warranty come standard with all repairs.  

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