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MacBook, Macbook Pro, Macbook Air, and iMac Repairs

How ?

Advanced cleaning solutions and diagnostic techniques. Replacement of all types of chips on the logic board, from the smallest CSPs to the largest BGAs. Restore and repair of liquid damaged traces and vias, and many more secrets. Our technicians and our lab set-up is primarily aimed at electronics repair on chip level, and we have the repair experience, skill and knowledge required for such tasks. 

Advanced Chip-Level Repair

Logic Board repairs on Component Level, Graphics Chip (GPU) replacement, Repair after almost any level of liquid damage. We repair MacBooks the smart and cost efficient way. Did someone tell you your logic board needs to be replaced ? Most likely we can fix it.


All models are supported. We provide a faster turn-around time, since absolutely all repairs are done in-house and most common parts are always in stock. Chip level repairs are also only a fraction of the cost of a new logic board. And finally, a 90 Day Warranty comes standard with all repairs, for your peace of mind.

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