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Professional Audio/Video Repairs

Repaired Correctly

We have a team of highly skilled and experienced Technicians working efficiently in identifying the problem and repairing it, saving our time and your money. We perform high difficulty repairs such as chip level and head replacements with ease. Each unit is thoroughly tested and aligned after repair, for the best performance possible.

Professional Video and Audio

Hi-Tech Electronics Service Center Repairs all brands and models of professional broadcasting equipment. Also, almost any device is repairable through us. Video cameras, DV Decks, Audio mixers, DACs and projectors are just a few types we service on regular basis. Have a consumer grade video camera or projector ? Not a problem, we service those as well.   


All models, brands and all failures are supported. Everything is usually repairable. We provide among the most affordable repairs due to our capabilities and knowledge of chip level repairs. Professional alignment and General Service comes standard, as does a 90 Day Warranty for all repairs. 

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