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Reel-To-Reel and other Vintage Electronics Repairs

Complete Restoration

We can Completely Restore your unit. 
No matter how much damage it sustained... if it's worth it to you, 

we are here to restore it. Bring your piece of hardware in, to receive a free price quote.


We don't only focus on the new, modern, digital gadgets...  Hi-Tech Electronics repairs and restores all types of electronics, including  the long-forgotten Reel-To-Reel, Turntable, and Tube Radio. Being in this business since 1983, we have the know-how and hands-on experience working with these beasts ! Bring your unit in for a free service price estimate.

Professional Alignment and General Service

Do you have a favorite piece of Vintage equipment

which seems to work, most of the time, but is acting 

up from time to time ? This is a typical case of misalignment, due to the unit's age. Hi-Tech can align, tune-up and professionally clean your unit, ensuring it operates to the manufacturer's specifications.

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